6th Grade Science Syllabus

Mrs. Carl, Room 204


Welcome!!!  Here are some items you should know about and how this hour will go.

Content Covered:

The curriculum for 6th grade science classes comes from the State of Michigan’s grade level content expectations.  This year we will be covering the areas of; Population & communities, ecosystems & biomes, living resources, land & soil resources, air & water resources, energy resources, rocks & minerals, soil, rock formations, plate tectonics, the magnetic field of Earth, fossils, geologic time, and forces & energy.  We will be using different online sites from Prentice Hall, Curriculum Crafter, and Science Flix.  The Science Flix username is:  hastingsmid with the password: science.


Learning will take place through discovery activities, note-taking, written responses, vocabulary/science terms, concept mapping, videos, power-point presentations, and research.  Assessments of learning will be through responsibility of completing assignments, projects, chapter tests, quizzes, nine week and mid-term exams, and your interactive science folder.



My intention is to provide a variety of learning experiences, which meet different learning styles.  Although most active learning will take place in the classroom (class work), there will be some out of class “homework.”  I will try to allow class time to complete most assignments, but sometimes work will have to be completed at home.  Projects will also need to be done at home, but, whenever possible, I will provide materials and support as needed.  Students can always review and study for upcoming tests or quizzes!


Your grade is based on:         Science Folders/ Homework / Classwork    40%                

                                                Tests/ Quizzes/ Projects                            60%


**Students have opportunities to retake or redo anything to gain points back.  There are also some extra credit opportunities that students can also attempt. 

Preparing and studying is the best way to be successful and gain a few points.  If the student studies 15 min. or more for a test/quiz and brings in a parents signature they get +3 added on to their score!


Late work:

Late work is accepted and students are allowed to fix papers if the circumstances demonstrate that there was effort in the first attempt.  Points are taken off late assignments each day they are late.  Opportunities to gain points back will be offered on projects and some test questions.


Come Prepared:

All students need to come to class each day with the following items:

1.     Any assignment due that day

2.    Writing utensil

3.    Agenda Book

4.    Science Folder (1” binder that serves as their book)


Classroom Expectations:

1.     Be respectful to yourself and others at all times.

2.    Be on time for all classes and prepared (tardies will count).

3.    Give you complete attention to others who are speaking to the class.

4.    Remain seated until the TEACHER dismisses you or gives you permission to move about the room.

5.    Refrain from touching, hitting, pushing, or other distracting or unnecessary behavior.

6.    Leave all toys, iPods, and cell phones in your locker as they will be confiscated!

7.   Be responsible for yourself and your actions!


Contact Information:

School Phone:         (269) 948-4404 Ext. 5134    Home Phone: (269)948-9888